Hate Physics?

What do most people think of physics classes?

There is a page, "10 Signs You Hated Physics In School." It says, "You didn't get nightmares about ghosts and demons. Your nightmares had all kinds of physics equations haunting you!"

Maybe you think: "No matter how hard you studied, the physics question paper always looked like alien codes and symbols to you."

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Or are you this type of person? "In physics class, I always sit in the back or along the side of classrooms since I feel awkward in the front."

Someone thinks, "I don't always hate physics, but when I do, it's the week before finals." Or, "The reason I don't like physics is because of the math. I've never been a math person. "

In physics professors' opinion, students who tend to hate physics have the following reasons:
  1. They do not understand it.
  2. The concepts are too difficult.
  3. They want to do something else.
  4. They are being forced to take all the sciences.
  5. They don't like us.
All of us can agree on their insight. It is hard to get started physics. Students are too busy. Then, professors don't care about students' feeling about physics class...

Do you know why you have to take physics?

Most of students think like this: "I definitely will not use vector analysis during Physical Therapy." She is going to be a physical therapist and must take physics classes to go to the graduate school.

You hate physics a lot, don't you? You may think, "The lab sucked up about 2 hours of my time!"

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Biology, chemistry, pre-med, and geology majors usually take physics as a requirement, but most of them don't know why physics has to be taken for their majors...

If one is major in biology, she knows why chemistry is a requirement, but she doesn't know how physics is related to her major...

Of course, physics professors don't care about it!! The professors love students who love physics, but they hate students who don't like physics or who are not good at physics.

If you hate physics or you are not good at it, you and your professor will never get along with each other. The class will absolutely be stressful.

Do you need a strong math background?

Well, the answer is yes and no. Absolutely, you need to know algebra to take introductory physics. However, physics is not just math, but science. There are students, who are good at math, but they didn't undertstand cpncepts of physics.

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Rather than just taking prerequisites, physics requires deep thinking, visualizing the situation, grasping abstract ideas and setting up the related experiments.

Students who just memorize the formulas and terms will not be successful in physics class.

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If you take MCAT, you really have to understand physics concepts to solve most of the problems. Yes. Most of the pre-med students, who are not major in physics, fail to get scores in the physics part.

Then, what should I do?

Physics is important for most of the sceince majors. It is even useful for medical doctors, dentists, and physical therapists. "I know, but it's too hard to learn physics..."

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I can hear you. It is not easy to learn physics by yourself. The way to use physics concepts is different from the way human usually thinks. You need to find a good tutor. S/he must have great experiences in teaching actual classes. They know why you failed to understand some of the concepts.

There are also good resources. One of them is: The Best Physics Resources. Your tutor will utilize the ideas from the website.